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Celaflor Ant Killer, 500 g 11

Celaflor Substral Ant Killer works quickly and effectively against ants and ant nests. The product can be sprinkled or poured for successful results. Ideal for terraces, around the house, on paths and balconies.

Kitzinger Yeast Nutrient, 10 x 10, 100 g

Kitzinger Yeast Nutrient is a necessary yeast component, ensuring nitrogen compounds are able to enter. The yeast nutrient compensates for the lack of these substances and boosts yeast performance so it achieves a high rate of cell multiplication and rapid final fermentation.

Substral Celaflor Careo to Water Plants, 100 ml

Substral Celaflor Careo for watering is a plant protection product. The product is effective against biting and sucking insects on indoor and balcony plants. The effect occurs after approx. 2 days and lasts for at least 2 months.