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Digital stopwatch with compass

The digital stopwatch with compass allows you to accurately measure time when you want to control and improve your results.

EB FIT pvc pump handles black

A very carefully made, modern device for making push-ups. Thanks to it, the user will gain strong muscles in the arms, forearms, shoulders and back faster, better body endurance and much more.

Metal hand grip 4yourhealth 114 kg black

The 4yourhealth hand grip will bring a lot of positive benefits during various types of training. It will be indispensable for exercising the forearm muscles and grip strength.

Muscle strengthening set Schildkrot Sling

Schildkrot portable muscle strengthening kit. Easy to assemble. Supports the training of all muscle groups. The kit includes a nylon mesh carry bag. The device increases the effects of training.

Resistance band 4yourhealth Power Band 7-16 kg

Resistance rubber is chosen by active people and personal trainers. It can be used during crossfit training, fitness, home whole body training, warming up before training, supporting strength exercises, rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening muscles, as an aid in pull-ups.

Rope rope Legend wooden handles 5 m

The Legend skipping rope will prove itself during training. Lacquered wooden handles. Metal joints ensure smooth movement. Length adjustment.

Single roller 4Yourhealth black

A single 4yourhealth exercise wheel will allow you to diversify your training and activate your muscles for increased work. It will help in sculpting the muscles located around the waist and postural muscles, which include the back, shoulder and abdominal muscles.

Training tapes Spokey Lilt

Spokey training tapes will be a great addition to your home gym. The model allows you to perform countless exercises using your own body weight.